06 luglio 2005

Eva Riccobono "DIRECT" blog

May be you missed it, but even if Eva Riccobono is a (silent) member of this blog, her real blog is here: Eva Riccobono "DIRECT" blog at the moment you can read some of her thought, dreams ... photos ... etc etc ... you can also see her boyfriend :( btw with your comments you can try to change her mind about her boyfriend :) Ok till now it's only in italian, but if you comment in english she will have no problems to answer you ... (if she mind to answer). You may ask what's the difference about the two blogs? the difference is that this one is manteined by me and it's intended mainly to publish some of her photos, videos ... while her blog is her blog, so ask Eva for the meaning of her blog :) P.S. Eva just remember you can also publish here ;)


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