22 marzo 2007

Showcards, Portraits, Polaroids + Bonus


Women Management France S/S 07 and F/W 07


ph: Niki Takehiko

ph: Gabriele Rigon




Blogger Mike said...

This is a small present for myself on my birthday. :)

Those last set of polaroids were are a little tricky to get - I don't think you'll find them anywhere else.

giovedì 22 marzo 2007 21:56:00 GMT+1  
Blogger alxxx said...

Happy Birthday MIKE!

great selection ...
strange but how can it be I have almost all those photos? :)

giovedì 22 marzo 2007 22:01:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Mike said...

How can it be? Simple. Because you are eva-addicted.

But you haven't seen the last four polaroids, have you?

And, thanks.

venerdì 23 marzo 2007 15:37:00 GMT+1  
Blogger alxxx said...

for sure now I saw them ...
btw for your Bday+1 I'll sent you someting to see ... take a look :)

venerdì 23 marzo 2007 18:38:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Dew said...

Eva is so beautiful !!! :)

domenica 25 marzo 2007 10:47:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Dew said...

Eva !! I admire U !! U re so beautiful...anyway....i saw many comment spoken in italian but i don't understand !! But i have my bf to translate them for me ;P..lol

domenica 25 marzo 2007 15:43:00 GMT+2  
Blogger eva riccobono said...

You are fantastic guys, you always surprise me!
Now i'm in Miami for a vacation i hope to take some nice photos that i can show you!

domenica 25 marzo 2007 20:08:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Dew said...

Oh,,Yeah i'm waiting to see them..anyway i'm just new at blogger but i have known u from a very long time !! and admire u so much !! Anyway Thnx for speaking English so i can understand and i don't need my italian bf anymore..lol ;p

domenica 25 marzo 2007 20:22:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Mike said...

Hi Eva. Miami? You must have flown right over me. In this case, I'm glad you didn't drop by. :) I think we all hope to see some photos!

Dew, I find this site does a better job than other translators:
But they are all not too good. Don't be afraid to ask - everyone is very friendly here.

domenica 25 marzo 2007 20:38:00 GMT+2  
Blogger alxxx said...

Eva divertiti tanto a Miami!
cosi' quando ritorno ci farai un grosso regalo postando tante tante foto sul tuo blog, cosi' ci divertiamo anche noi, al fanclub manca da un po' il tuo prezioso contributo di immagini esclusive

domenica 25 marzo 2007 20:42:00 GMT+2  
Blogger alxxx said...

Dew you are welcome to the fan club, I'll speak english with you ;)
Don't forget that you can contribute to the fanclub with any material you find concerning Eva, if you have anything you want to publish email me, this is an opportunity for everyone reading this blog.

As Mike said I or other italian contributors, Eva included, can reply you in english and explain you the meaning of some italian words that online translators can't understand ... Mike do you remember burrocacao? ;)

domenica 25 marzo 2007 21:05:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Dew said...

Ohh,,Merci beaucoup..alxxx et mike ..Voila je peux parler francais mais ! je ne peux pas parler l'italien !!! So i think i will have to learn it..coz it's one language in my interests...Anyway i'm so happy that u guys answer my comments !! have a nice week to start ur job..lol anyway i'm on my vacations 3 months just like Eva so i think it's got enough time to learn italian a bit..so U guys are u all Italians ? and many kisses from Thailand !! Ciao....

domenica 25 marzo 2007 23:12:00 GMT+2  
Blogger alxxx said...

Eva is Italian, do you know? :)
but the fan club is intentionally international as a supermodel is a citizen of the world, so even if I and another handful of frequent bloggers here are Italian there are others that are not,
as an example Mike isn't but ask him where he is from if he wants to tell you ;)

So you are a Thai girl with an italian boyfriend but there is no need to be italian or have any italian link to be an Eva fan. :)

I heard that the best way to learn a new language is to have a foreign b/g-friend that speaks the language you want to learn, so Dew do you homework and learn italian, I'm sure your bfriend will be happy of this ;)

domenica 25 marzo 2007 23:40:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Mike said...

Indeed, I am American. But like most Americans, I am not native american. (Well I am, but only a very small amount.) But unfortunately, I am not close enough to Miami. :)

And yes, alxxx, I have learned burrocacao as well as several other words in Italian that do not show up in the online translators. ;)

lunedì 26 marzo 2007 04:09:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Dew said...

Well,alxxx I know she is Italian of course !! 23yrs old from Palermo,Sicily island..and many more details !! coz I really luv her..lol
And i think it's true that there's no need italian links to be Eva's fan coz i'm her admirer ..and i never expected to have italian bfriend before..just that happened ;)...But italian is really the language that i'm so interested !!! Thnx alxxx for ur device!!
Have u ever been to thailand guys? It's really beautiful country..If u're interested guys let me be ur guide and of course.. Eva u'll be my VIP tourist ;)..So have a great week and enjoy ur vacation Eva ;)

lunedì 26 marzo 2007 09:25:00 GMT+2  
Blogger alxxx said...

never been in Thailand Dew, I'll ask for your guide if I'll be there ...are you a tourist operator? :)
have you ever been in Italy?

lunedì 26 marzo 2007 10:38:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Dew said...

alxxx,I've never been to italy as well, i wish oneday !:) would u be my guide ?? If yes..it'd be great ! Have a great day dear alxxx
kisses xoxox

lunedì 26 marzo 2007 13:41:00 GMT+2  
Blogger alxxx said...

Dew, it's a must to help a lost girl, I'm italian so I have to ... but wait a minute don't you still have a boyfriend here in italy? isn't better to ask him before? ;) I know you asked me to be a guide, but hey I can't grant a tourist can't fall in love with italy or italians :)

lunedì 26 marzo 2007 23:21:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Dew said...

Oh !! alxxx i'm really sorry when i'm posting in Eva's fan club blog i really forgt anything around me !! even it's my bf !! :) i'm really a lost girl !!

martedì 27 marzo 2007 05:41:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Mike said...

Eva can have that effect on people ;)

martedì 27 marzo 2007 15:49:00 GMT+2  

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