13 maggio 2007

Eva Riccobono - Model 24/7

On google video:

Download the original wmv file (159 MB):
Megaupload / Sendspace

*Warning: Viewing this video will cause you to fall in love with Eva*

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Blogger Mike said...

I'm not sure there are words to describe how amazing Eva is in this video...charming, intelligent, beautiful, funny are only a small and inadequate start.

Everyone should download the original file - it is better quality and larger size than the streaming one.

lunedì 14 maggio 2007 01:48:00 GMT+2  
Blogger alxxx said...

well done mike! great screenshots, lovely Eva, as always she makes a lot of funny faces a must see and see again and again and again and ... :)

Eva sei una ritardataria! come ti capisco :)

lunedì 14 maggio 2007 02:20:00 GMT+2  
Blogger eva riccobono said...

Grazie grazie grazie!!!!!!!
Thank you so much Mike!!!!!!!!

lunedì 14 maggio 2007 14:32:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Mike said...

You're quite welcome - it was my pleasure both to watch (again and again) and to post.

lunedì 14 maggio 2007 15:25:00 GMT+2  

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