08 luglio 2007


anna magazine - 10 May 2002
Marco Glaviano
scans by me

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Blogger Mike said...

Another old magazine that I managed to find and scan. This was intended to be part II of 'Eva - 5 years ago' but got slightly delayed.

What's better for a lucky 7/7/7 posting than lovely Eva in lovely landscapes :)

p.s. I took some liberties with the design to make the post look better - make sure to click on all the images to get to the full size page scans.

domenica 8 luglio 2007 06:37:00 GMT+2  
Blogger alxxx said...

we can survive to dalays if the final result is that good!

I like the scans and the chosen design is perfect for our blog.

well done mike, as always.

sono passati cinque anni ma in questo editoriale sembri la Eva di oggi, poco cambiata, anche rispetto a piu' recenti editoriali in bikini ...

domenica 8 luglio 2007 08:50:00 GMT+2  

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