03 settembre 2008

Lavazza 2009 calendar preview

Eva will be in the cover shoot by Annie Leibovitz



Blogger alxxx said...

as it can be seen the preview is from vanity fair italian edition, we have to wait until the mid of october to see the real calendar shoots.

as of today it's confirmed Eva worked with the best photographers in the world ... me excluded :)

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008 14:20:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Mike said...

Wow, big and great news! (or maybe great big news!) In any case, congratulations Eva. :) Can't wait to see more.

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008 15:25:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Mike said...

oh, and does it say what the theme is for this year?

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008 16:06:00 GMT+2  
Blogger alxxx said...

the campaign title will be: "The Italian espresso Experience"

all the models will have italian blood (not necessarily born in Italy) to represent italian style

Eva was chosen (for the cover) because she is one of the models really proud to be Italian ... (words from Francesca Lavazza - Corporate Image Director of the Lavazza Group)

mercoledì 3 settembre 2008 16:25:00 GMT+2  

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