17 novembre 2010

Eva by Matteo


Blogger Mike said...

What can you say?

p.s. Matteo has a copyright statement on his blog about using the photos without permission. If we get in trouble, you will have to help us out Eva. :)

mercoledì 17 novembre 2010 23:34:00 GMT+1  
Blogger alberto said...

The photographer of the Harper's Bazaar Japan ed (november 2010) is Stefano Triulzi..here his website with some pics of the ed with Eva..


martedì 30 novembre 2010 14:19:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Mike said...

Thanks alb. Good find - I have no idea how you found it.

martedì 30 novembre 2010 21:31:00 GMT+1  

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