14 luglio 2005


What? There are only 3 balls!!! belive me the other 2 are inside ... ;) repeate with me ... there are 5 balls... the balls are inside ... inside my mind ... :) tnx to Matteo for the great shot(s) but not for the balls :) P.S. with 5 balls Eva is a flipper just like: "se mio nonno avesse avuto 5 palle sarebbe stato un flipper" by 99 Posse.



Blogger termite150 said...

Hello alxxx,

Seriously, your comments on this 'nude series' are getting funnier by day, not to mention the ' five ball' verse luck you've scribbled.

Well, Its a great previlege for any to behold such wonderful & well intentioned images and when someone concerned says that this particular set of snaps springs from a harmless joke between the model, his boy friend and another guy, the whole thing gets a bit more sour!

in the long run, I wouldn't surprise,you know, if I happen to see Eva 'herself' posting her nude images here or any other blogs mentioned on your blog.

Alxxx, I visited a blog named ' EVA's BOY FRIENDS' listed on yours...What shall I say, the way that guy has introduced his girlfriend is something new to me.
" This is my GF, Eva, Cicilian, hot and sexy"

If you happen to know him, just tell him that I loved it and ask him why has he posted images of such eminent men like Einstein and Tagore on such a trash?

about John varvatos- never mind.

giovedì 14 luglio 2005 16:33:00 GMT+2  
Blogger alxxx said...

My words are nonsense :)
I use them to divert reders attention from Eva nudes :)
I hope you limit yourself to read my word and don't look a the images, I'm just a bit jealous ;)

Why Matteo is not jelous or why Eva isn't shy like a sicilian girl "must be" :) I don't know ... ask Eva and Matteo all your questions, they can understand your words ... don't ask me what you can obtain from them ... also the images ... ;)

giovedì 14 luglio 2005 17:20:00 GMT+2  
Anonymous Anonimo said...

Questo commento è stato eliminato da un amministratore del blog.

lunedì 29 agosto 2005 12:14:00 GMT+2  

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