15 luglio 2007

3 retrospective videos


Blogger alb said...

Fantastic videos Mike!!!
Eva 's new adv for Toni Gard Jewelry..

lunedì 16 luglio 2007 21:02:00 GMT+2  
Blogger Mike said...

Thanks for the tip, alb. I looked on their website and didn't see anything. Do you know the photographer or any info?

lunedì 16 luglio 2007 23:04:00 GMT+2  
Blogger alb said...

You can visit the web site www.placemodels.com ( one of her agencies) and the first pics that appears searching Eva Riccobono is the adv of Toni Gard..there are also some beautiful pics that i had never seen before (like Fuzzi..on gilli.com there's her new fall 2007/2008 adv..beautiful!

martedì 17 luglio 2007 00:07:00 GMT+2  

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