05 febbraio 2008

New showcard

from Women Management Milano via supermodels.nl
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
from Women Management Milano via models.com



Blogger Mike said...

The photographer here is our friend Gabriele Pizzuto and this is from the shoot originally for To-B magazine which you can find here in an earlier blog post.

Look at this photo carefully and you will notice some interesting things:
1 - Eva's shirt is falling off (good)
2 - Eva's tie is on backwards (strange but good)
3 - Eva's mouth is open like she has something in it because...
4 - In the original photo she has a cigar in her mouth but they photoshopped it out. And they did a bad job of it too - you can see where they cloned the background in the photo to cover it up

I'm not sure why they decided to remove the cigar or why they did such an amateur job of it, but that's the inside story for this photo - enjoy :)

martedì 5 febbraio 2008 21:57:00 GMT+1  
Blogger alxxx said...

the smoke is considered (and is) a bad thing, I think they removed for this reason, sound silly because photography is art no matter the content ... they did a bad editing work, I like the photo anyway as Eva is beautiful, but for representing her in her main agency an untouched photo could have been better ...and even if the power of her eyes can be seen also in black & white a color one should have helped much more ..no one can resist at her heavenly/blue eyes ...

maybe they decided to focus our sight on her always sexy mouth ... but with this pose it looks too much (oral) sex-y :)

martedì 5 febbraio 2008 23:58:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Mike said...

It does look rather oral sex-y, doesn't it.

I'm not surprised at all that they photoshopped it. I am a little surprised that a big agency didn't do it better.

Eva, if you ever want a photo retouched, let one of us do it. First, we will try to talk you out of any editing, but then we'd take the time to do a good job of it.

mercoledì 6 febbraio 2008 20:46:00 GMT+1  
Blogger alxxx said...

photography is not painting, I don't like photo retouching ...especially when it's done on girls like Eva that are perfect by themselves ...with a little help of makeup artists, that are the only people that must/can "retouch" supermodels :)

mercoledì 6 febbraio 2008 20:53:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Mike said...

The makeup artists can do the retouching of supermodels - what I'm interested in is who gets to touch them. I'll volunteer for that as well.

mercoledì 6 febbraio 2008 20:59:00 GMT+1  
Blogger alxxx said...

che non si sappia in giro oggi Eva compie 14 anni ;)
finalmente puo' guidare il motorino e fare sesso con gli adulti :)

giovedì 7 febbraio 2008 11:42:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Entony said...

Buon compeanno Eva

venerdì 8 febbraio 2008 09:41:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Mike said...

Indeed, happy birthday! :)

venerdì 8 febbraio 2008 15:21:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Mike said...

Added a second version of the showcard

martedì 12 febbraio 2008 16:05:00 GMT+1  

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