13 novembre 2009



Blogger Mike said...

Grazie Eva!

As alxxx said, this must have been a fun video to shoot. Who had more fun - you or the guys?

venerdì 13 novembre 2009 20:28:00 GMT+1  
Blogger eva riccobono said...

Ahahah! It's true!!! I had more fun!!!!! It was so funny to molest the people in the street! ; )

venerdì 13 novembre 2009 22:57:00 GMT+1  
Blogger alberto said...

Guys are shocked! :-) And I understand their feelings :-) Grazie per il regalino Eva!

sabato 14 novembre 2009 11:14:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Entony said...

Thanks :) grandissima

sabato 14 novembre 2009 19:43:00 GMT+1  

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