20 marzo 2008

Giglio boutique opening



Blogger Mike said...

Thanks for the tip alb.

These are the thumbnails from olycom. I'm not going to post the watermarked versions. We have to find a source for larger size photos from this event (because those legs are killing me already in thumbnail size).

giovedì 20 marzo 2008 18:55:00 GMT+1  
Blogger alxxx said...

sexy hot legs ... what's hot but not sexy is the smoking cigarette :(

giovedì 20 marzo 2008 20:21:00 GMT+1  
Blogger alxxx said...

clearly I hope to see the high resolution images to confirm me that that was not a cigarette ;)

giovedì 20 marzo 2008 20:22:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Entony said...

Elegantissima con questo nero e la frangetta sta proprio bene.

venerdì 21 marzo 2008 08:44:00 GMT+1  
Blogger Entony said...

Buona Pasqua Eva ed ovviamente a tutti voi.

venerdì 21 marzo 2008 08:45:00 GMT+1  

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